McCarthy Denning

Media Frontier was contacted by a new business to help build their brand from the ground up. As Media Frontier's head of projects, I was looking forward to work with a top London city law firm.

Naming & branding

The business had no visual brand whatsoever, so the Media Frontier team worked hand in hand with the client to conceptualise the identity of the firm. McCarthy Denning was selected as the name of the company after thorough focus groups and market research. We designed the entire corporate identity, including the company's communication strategy, values and guidelines. A logo was designed as well as all stationary (business card, letterheads, etc.)

McCarthy Denning's brand communicates a modern and visionary law firm with strong roots.


To stand out from the competition, we proposed a unique take on their website. A One-page responsive design adaptable to all mobile devices and that reads as a continuous stream of pages. This unusual take for a law firm clearly transpires the modern and adaptable energy of the people working at McCarthy Denning.

McCarthy Denning website

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