left: old website / right: new website The client ecamos is an independent asset management company founded in 2004. ecamos is a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and registered with PolyReg, a self-regulating organisation recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. They own a diversified portfolio of investment strategies each based on solid economic foundations and sophisticated mathematical models. the request With a constantly evolving business and crowded marketplace, ecamos needed a new website to set themselves apart. They also needed a web platform they could easily manage to show the most up to date numbers, and so without the help of a technician. Finally, they needed their new website to have a restricted access where they can show information for their clients' eyes only. the solution ecamos' new website design is a bold statement that exudes confidence and looks nothing like the company's competition. It is fully responsive, ensuring ecamos' clients can access the website's information wherever they are. On the admin side, the website is easy to manage, data tables can be built on the fly and always look spotless. Since its launch, ecamos has received continuous praise and compliments for their website's […]

Africa Progress Panel

Kofi Annan's NGO, The Africa Progress Panel needed a website redesign. As head of projects at Media Frontier, I worked with the client to ensure the new website would answer all their objectives. The result is quite beyond anything they excepted originally.


Media Frontier got in touch with UNEP FI to discuss their Banking Guide platform. The platform was built but impossible to manage. As head of projects, I was in charge of finding and implementing a solution.

Arms Trade Treaty

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has for goal to regulate international trades of arms. Media Frontier was approached to create a visual identity for the ATT, create a website and an online questionnaire.

UNEP Minamata Convention

UNEP contacted Media Frontier for the Minamata Convention on Mercury. They needed a video produced and an external website to give information on the convention and play the video.


TEEB had a website developed a year before they contacted Media Frontier. Although the website was completed and launched, several major issues quickly arised. As head of projects at Media Frontier, I was in charge of this project.

McCarthy Denning

Media Frontier was contacted by a new business to help build their brand from the ground up. As Media Frontier's head of projects, I was looking forward to work with a top London city law firm.


Sérénité, a new insurance broker, needed a fresh website that stands out from the competition.

Nestlé Nutritional Value Chain

Nestlé CSV contacted Media Frontier to design their Nutritional Value Chain web page. As head of projects, my goal was to conceptualise a visually appealing and understandable design that illustrates the chain.


When I joined Media Frontier as head of projects, one of my first tasks was to participate in the company's rebranding.