Arms Trade Treaty

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has for goal to regulate international trades of arms. Media Frontier was approached to create a visual identity for the ATT, create a website and an online questionnaire.

McCarthy Denning

Media Frontier was contacted by a new business to help build their brand from the ground up. As Media Frontier's head of projects, I was looking forward to work with a top London city law firm.

Corp Admin

Corp Admin (Corporate Administration) is a the name of a consultant's business, who contacted me for a business card design.


When I joined Media Frontier as head of projects, one of my first tasks was to participate in the company's rebranding.

Athletic Studio

As a brand new business, Athletic Studio had no visual identity. It was my job to help my client to create his brand from scratch.

Romandie Network

I worked as a project manager at for Romandie Network, an online advertising agency of the Suisse Romande region.