Alp Tekyildiz


Cloud - Touch & Be Touched

I have founded Cloud with Kasia Kopanska since the summer of 2021. Cloud is about making authentic connections through conscious touch. In our experiences, we create a space where all can come together in trust and care. We practice our understanding of our own boundaries and how to communicate consent.

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Coming Soon. is a platform that brings together conscious and authentic communities with a focus on helping event organisers and community leaders with their usual challenges.

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Websites & Branding

For most of my work life, I have been designing and building websites as well as corporate branding for startups and small companies.

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I founded SwissRPG in 2018., and it is now the number one non-profit association in Switzerland that empowers people to discover and play tabletop role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

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Unbiased Stories for Children

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In the Unbiased Stories for Children book series, I aim to showcase the diversity in our society. My goal is to widen the spectrum that children witness, so they can cement them in their mind as normal. In these stories, the diversity is never at the forefront, always in the background, as all normal things are.